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We Buy all old Nintendo and Super Nintendo Games! 6725 W. Central Ave, Toledo, Ohio 43617 in the St. James Plaza at the corner of West Central and McCord!

We carry new and used video games, movies, and more!

We have a huge selection of video games and have games for all of the older systems that are rare and hard to find!*(When available) We have the best video games in town!

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Our shelves are full of the latest video games for Playstation 3, Playstation 4, Xbox One, Xbox 360, Wii-U, Wii and more! We carry a wide variety of rare and hard to find older system favorites such as NES, Super Nintendo, Sega, Dreamcast, Atari, Neo•Geo, Playstation 2 + Vita and more.

We also sell both the original video game consoles and portable handheld systems like the new Twin Systems that let you play both Original NES and SNES games!

Along with our incredible selection of new and used video games, our shelves are filled with a large selection of DVD movies. You will find family favorites such as Disney movies and other animated features, as well as genres like action, horror, comedy, drama, and more!

Do you have old video games collecting dust? Do you have your eye on that new video game for your favorite system? Bring them in and make a trade! We offer cash or in-store credit for your video games! We make honest offers for your old video games and movies. For more details, please read our Trading Policy.

We sell video games, controllers, memory cards, and many other accessories for all video game systems.


Why shop anywhere else?! Come shop Video Game Underground, we have the best prices on games around!

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